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Automate documentation workflows for improved 
compliance and productivity

Heavy documentation demands and inefficient workflows can impact business outcomes, from inconsistent and inaccurate reports and a risk to compliance to employee productivity and costs. Solve your dictation, transcription and documentation challenges and transform manual and disconnected processes into a streamlined and automated workflow with Winscribe Dictation.

What is Winscribe Dictation?

Winscribe Dictation is a speech productivity and documentation workflow management solution that enables business professional to use their voice to quickly and thoroughly create documents, letters and reports. The suite of Winscribe Dictation solutions includes mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition, and documentation workflow management technology that helps business professionals produce documentation faster and more accurately, while protecting the security of sensitive information.

Easily and efficiently streamline
documentation workflows

Remove manual transcription processes:

Make it easy to automate your dictation-to-transcription workflow and remove manual steps from the process. Winscribe Dictation workflow automatically collects and delivers dictations, assesses information about each job and instantly delivers work to the appropriate transcriptionist or support team.

Enhance productivity for mobile employees:

Create high-quality documents, reports, or fill out forms—at any time and from anywhere. The Winscribe solutions provide business professionals with the freedom to capture and deliver dictations immediately using their iOS or Android device, for improved productivity and more efficient delivery of information.

Improve document creation and turnaround:

Dictate documents 3 times faster than manually typing by hand. With Winscribe Dictation, choose your dictation workflow option: send dictated work to support staff for transcription, send it to the Dragon Speech Recognition engine for automatic voice-to-text transcription, or send it to an outsourcing agency for completion.

Keep information secure:

Protect the confidentiality of sensitive information. Winscribe Dictation makes use of two levels of security: file encryption and HTTPS. It also provides a comprehensive set of policy rules within the system that conforms to industry standards, including password retention and re‑use, account lock-out and force password change, as well as a password-protect feature available for each job.

Manage and measure to boost success:

Quickly and easily manage data and create reports based on your business requirements. Managers can monitor the status of the entire dictation and transcription process in real-time. In addition, reports can be produced to assess employee productivity, and efficiency metrics can be used to identify potential bottlenecks, so business managers can continually make improvements to their processes.

Integrate within your existing systems:

Winscribe Dictation is flexible and scalable for every client’s requirements. The solution also allows for integration with other information management systems, such as record management, case management, health information management and more. With a built-in software development kit, Winscribe can be tailored to provide the maximum benefit, personalized to your business needs.

Improve documentation & reporting for your mobile workforce

Enable your employees to maximize their time away from the office and be productive no matter where business takes them. Employees can dictate documents and complete other paperwork using their phone, PC, or using a microphone or mobile device. You can use this widget to input text into the page.


Winscribe Dictation then lets them easily share and send their work to the office, an outsourced transcription provider, or to the Dragon Speech Recognition engine for transcription.

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"Winscribe met our requirements best and offered the best value for money of all the solutions. Another major reason for selecting Winscribe was its simplicity – less steps to implement and less hardware at the back-end.”

Tianhong Zhang
Assistant Manager of IT Services
City of Plymouth, MN