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Simple, practical, and cost-effective voice-logging solutions for government organizations and small and medium-sized businesses

Revcord provides simple, practical, and cost-effective voice-logging options that reduce expenses, provide state-of-the-art integrated multimedia recording, mitigate risk, and enhance the user experience.


Revcord’s MMS logging technology is the most powerful and user-friendly solution on the market today. It incorporates a full multimedia backend management system to manage all your events.


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On-premise or in the cloud,

we have you covered

Revcord delivers the most comprehensive call recording and call monitoring solutions in the marketplace to address the needs of Next Generation 9-1-1 Public Safety, along with addressing all current compliance regulations.

On-premise solutions

  • MCS (Revcord MMS Logger)
  • MCS+ (Revcord MMS Logger)
  • MCT (Revcord MMS Logger)
  • Revcord MMS Management Console (Multi-Media Backend Management System)

Cloud-based software solutions

  • RevStream (Turnkey Call Logging Solution)
  • RevShield (Monitor, Report, and Support Revcord Logger System)
  • RevCell (Mobile Call Recorder)
  • RevSync (Two-Way Sync and Fail-Safe Storage)
  • RevSwitch (Configuration-Switching Service)
  • RevWatch (Manage System Health and Status)

Revcord MMS loggers (on-premise)

Our affordable MMS loggers, powered by Revcord’s full-featured and powerful management software deliver unmatched price performance.

Revcord MCS+ Model
Revcord MCS Model
Revcord MCT Model

Revcord MMS management console

Revcord MMS Management Console

The Revcord MMS is the most powerful and user-friendly software on the market today. It is a full multi-media backend management system to manage all your events. 

Cloud-based Revcord solutions


The latest Revcord development is designed to elevate service uptime levels for mission-critcal call centers, while providing cloud services.

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The RevShield Software is made up of two parts: 1. support and maintenance and 2. logger monitoring for their Revcord logger.

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RevSync gives users the flexibility and ability to manage and back-up their Revcord logger to the cloud and in real-time.

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Revcord’s full-featured cloud-based mobile call recorder, RevCell, gives users the ability to record cellular phone calls for easy retrieval and sharing.

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RevWatch is a secure cloud application that receives and manages the alerts and notifications pertaining to the health/status of the system.

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RevSwitch is a configuration switching service for dual redundant logger configurations. RevSwitch works with RevSync.

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Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Revcord’s Cloud-Based Infrastructure is hosted in a Tier-4 Data Center in the Houston Area. Tier-4 is an Enterprise-Class Data Center tier with redundant and dual-powered instances of servers, storage, network links, and power cooling equipment. It is the most advanced type of data center for commercial purposes. 


All of Revcord's virtual machines are backed up offsite in the data center’s Georgia and New York centers. This ensures that the software and data can be back online in under an hour in the unlikely event of a disaster. 

Tier-4 certified data centers typically serve Enterprise Corporations and provide the following:

  • 99.995% Uptime Per Year(Tier-4 Requirement)
  • 2N+1 Fully Redundant Infrastructure
  • 96-Hour Power Outage Protection
  • <26.3 minutes of annual downtime.< li>

Data Center Security

Internal Security

  • Biometric Plus Key Card Access Control
  • Individually Keyed Cabinets And Cages
  • Color Video Camera Surveillance System

External Security

  • Valid Photo ID is Required by Front Desk Building Personnel
  • Visitors are Required to Sign In and Sign Out with Security
  • Facility is monitored 24x7x365
  • Building Security Monitors Internal and External Cameras

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