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The AI Co-Pilot for Healthcare

Corti is a clinically proven AI guide that augments, automates, and analyzes virtual care

and face-to-face patient engagements.

Corti is an AI technology that streamlines patient encounters by transcribing, guiding, and coding in real-time across different communication methods, reducing administrative tasks and errors for healthcare providers.

Focus on the Patient and Situation, not the Documentation.

With AI trained on 16 million+ patients and 550,000+ hours of unique consultation audio, Corti's predictive capabilities can enhance the experience of both healthcare professionals and their patients.

Corti automatically transcribes patient encounters in real-time and across multiple languages, documenting the conversation as it occurs. This feature enables immediate access to the conversation's details and ensures no vital information is lost or misinterpreted due to manual transcription errors or delays.


The AI technology then extracts key information from transcribed patient encounters and identifies important details such as symptoms, medications, and critical questions raised during the interaction, thus facilitating an efficient review of the encounter's highlights.


Using the extracted information, Corti's AI recommends the best course of action for patient care. It compares the patient's data and insights against a database of millions of other data points to determine the most appropriate next steps.


After the encounter, Corti can also assist in documenting the interaction by automatically coding the procedure and diagnosis codes, such as ICD-10 and CPT. This automated coding process not only saves time but also reduces the potential for human error, ensuring accurate patient records and facilitating efficient billing.

Corti AI Solutions for Healthcare

Corti Engage Triage

Triaging & Documentation

Corti Triage is the fastest way to safely triage patients to the right point of care, capturing all the right information automatically. During the consultation, Corti will listen-in, take notes, structure them in the right format (e.g. SOAP notes), and populate the right fields; reducing the documentation burden by up to 50%.

Corti Clear

Quality Improvement & Training

Corti Clear helps call takers, care coordinators, and nurses to improve the quality of patient interactions. Clear analyzes every patient encounter to identify training opportunities, improve individual and team results, and automatically assure quality in all aspects of the encounter. 

Corti AI Suggestions

Real-Time Decision Support

Corti Engage Suggestions helps to triage patients rapidly and respond effectively, all with the power of AI. Corti listens into calls with patients, prompting the call taker with advice and instructions on their workstation. Corti Suggestions is trained to suggest the most appropriate response level for a call, helping call takers to triage calls more accurately.

Corti Code

Diagnosis & Procedure Coding

Increase revenue per visit and reduce claim denial rates with Corti's automated AI medical coder. Corti Code allows your staff to focus on critical, revenue-generating activities. As clinicians give their full attention to patients, Corti’s AI solution automatically documents the consultation into recognized diagnosis and procedural ICD codes.

How Corti Assists Hospitals & Clinics?

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Automate 75% of coding workflow
Reduce overall administrative burden and give more time to patients through automated coding.

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Reduce denials
Create more accurate accounting and coding to safeguard claims, with AI trained on 50 million + unique patient data points.

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Cover all revenue
Ensure that all billable hours and procedures are accounted for by identifying routinely missed codes.

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Review coding workflow
Identify trends of insufficient or inadequate documentation, as well as patterns of over or under-coding.

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Lower overall costs
Automate processes to lower overhead offset loss of institutional knowledge due to employee gaps.

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Improve patient safety
Reduce cognitive load for healthcare professionals to improve patient safety and job satisfaction.

Integrated directly into

your workflow

Corti Integrations

Corti integrates with all EMRs, including Epic and Cerner, through standard interfaces like HL7, as well as support for custom integrations for your specific needs.

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