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The AI Co-Pilot for Healthcare, Virtual Care,

Health Insurers, & Public Safety

Corti is a proven AI guide and diagnostic copilot that augments, automates, and analyzes virtual care, face-to-face patient engagements, and calls to emergency services.

The Corti AI Platform

Corti Engage Triage

Triaging & Documentation

Corti Triage is the fastest way to safely triage patients to the right point of care, capturing all the right information automatically. During the consultation, Corti will listen-in, take notes, structure them in the right format (e.g. SOAP notes), and populate the right fields; reducing the documentation burden by up to 50% per engagement.


For public safety, Triage is an intuitive, AI-powered decision-support software solution that assists dispatchers through the triaging flow, improving the response and reducing the number of mistakes. Call takers spend 50% less time typing and more time listening thanks to Corti’s automatic summary generator, which records comprehensive case notes.

Corti Mission Control

Quality Improvement & Training

Corti Mission Control allows you to automatically measure protocol compliance on 100% of calls and estimate the overall percentage of call-taker compliance. Easily analyze your organization, team, or individual call-takers and provide actionable feedback.

Mission Control automatically monitors performance trends, manages compliance and reviews, and even performs training and upskilling. This combined system helps you quality assure and quality improve.

Corti Code

Diagnosis & Procedure Coding

Increase revenue per visit and reduce claim denial rates with Corti's automated AI medical coder. Corti Code allows your staff to focus on critical, revenue-generating activities.


As clinical staff give their full attention to patients, Corti’s AI solution automatically documents the consultation into recognized diagnosis and procedural ICD codes.

Corti is proven to increase revenue per visit and reduce the denial rate through AI-enabled, automated billing. Corti’s AI billing tool is trained on your organization’s specific needs to ensure that your work is quickly and comprehensively compensated.

Corti Suggestions

Real-Time Decision Support

Corti Engage Suggestions helps to triage patients rapidly and respond effectively, all with the power of artificial intelligence. The AI listens into the call, prompting the call taker with advice and instructions on their workstation.


Corti Response Level Suggestions is trained to suggest the most appropriate response (determinant) level for a call, helping call takers to triage calls more accurately.

Corti  AI Call Review

Corti Use Cases

Hospitals & Clinics

Healthcare organizations face a number of challenges including:
-  High operating costs

-  Increased competition from other healthcare providers

-  Workforce shortages

-  Complex integrations with other healthcare providers  
-  Convoluted federal and state regulations.


Northland Business Systems can help ease the burden of these challenges and make your clinic more efficient and profitable. Northland’s Corti AI solutions deliver best-practice consultation structuring and guidance with automated documentation. In addition, Corti is trained on the latest ICD codes for procedure and billing coding, in formats that are most familiar and preferred by
healthcare organizations (such as SOAP).

With Corti, clinicians are able to engage more patients with more considerate care and simultaneously lower the total resource requirements for doing so.

Corti AI: Doctor with patient
Cort AI: Policeman at the scene

Public Safety

Every year, public safety is asked to do more with less resources. Public safety hotlines have evolved from a transport service to become one of society's most important institutions. Sadly, budgets haven't evolved accordingly, which is pushing top agencies to rethink how they work.

Always ready. That's the reality of 911 hotlines in the United States. They're continuously accessible, assisting an increasing number of people in diverse situations. Each year, we expect them to respond faster, dispatch more precisely, and aid us in a growing range of scenarios.


Public safety professionals demonstrate resilience and agility, but unfortunately, the systems they operate within are often outdated and inflexible. Some of the top public safety hotlines have partnered with Corti to implement a system that provides enhanced quality and care, reduced costs, and minimized risks.

Join the growing network of organizations revolutionizing their documention, decision support, and communication processes with AI!

Corti integrates seamlessly with your existing systems (CAD systems, EHR, etc.) recording patient consultations and emergency service calls without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue. Contact us to learn more!