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Corti's Intelligent AI Assistant Helps Emergency Dispatchers Triage, Diagnose, & QA Calls

Corti is an intelligent AI assistant that listens to 9-1-1 and emergency services calls and helps telecommunicators form the right questions, suggests next steps, and even proposes possible diagnoses. 


Corti's AI technology also assists EMS and other public saftey organizations to automatically measure protocol compliance on 100% of calls and estimate the overall percentage of call-taker compliance. Easily analyze your organization, team, or individual call-takers and provide actionable feedback. Corti automatically monitors performance trends, manages compliance and reviews, and even performs training and upskilling. This combined system helps you quality assure and quality improve.

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Improve Emergency Call Services with Corti AI

Emergency telecommunicators are faced with enormous challenges working within a high-stress, fast-paced, and emotionally demanding job. When someone calls the emergency number, callers trust the person on the other end of the line to guide them through some of the most traumatic moments of their life, and the call takers have to stay clear-minded and calm. The job requires multitasking, on-the-spot problem-solving, and remaining composed in the face of dangerous and heart-breaking situations. There’s little downtime to decompress between calls, and in most cases, there’s no process for debriefing after particularly stressful calls.


Adding to the stress of call taking, emergency telecommunicators typically work very long hours, and the job has a high turnover rate. Since the hiring and training process is lengthy, a lot of weight falls on a few shoulders when turnover occurs.

Corti helps to address the following challenges:

  • Staffing shortages and high turnover
  • Increased call volumes
  • Mental health pressures and dealing with stressful calls/callers
  • Increased demand during major emergencies
  • Increased resource demands
  • Strained inter-agency coordination
  • Inadequate and lengthy training processes
  • Outdated and inefficient technology
  • Managing complex policies and procedures

Northland & Companies and Corti can help. Some of the top public safety hotlines and emergency services organizations have partnered with us to boost call management and training quality, improve call triaging, boost complaince, and make the lives of telecommunicators and emergency managers a little easier.

Corti AI Solutions

Corti Triage

Corti Triage is the fastest way to safely triage emergency calls, capturing all the right information automatically. The solution keeps all relevant information right at your fingertips, improving call response  and reducing time spent typing and the chance of mistakes being made.

Corti Triage EMS Call Summary

Corti Mission Control

Corti Mission Control allows you to automatically measure protocol compliance on 100% of calls and estimate the overall percentage of call-taker compliance. Easily analyze your organization, team, or individual call-takers and provide actionable feedback.

Corti Clear Call Review

Corti AI Suggestions

EMS telecommunicators make better, more consistent decisions when supported by Corti's AI. Corti AI listens in to the call and makes suggestions, like a real-time second opinion. The solutions helps to reduce over and under triaging and standardize dispatch decisions.

Corti AI Suggestions Mental Health Crisis

How Can Corti Help Your Agency?

20% faster average calls
Cut call times by up to 20%, through world-class UX used on millions of emergency calls each year.

Rapid training process
Corti streamlines training, evaluation, and rehearsal for new call-takers, and later, monitors their performance whenthey're "live."


Comprehensive protocol adoption
Agencies using Corti can measure how well call-takers stick to the protocol and where they need help and training to increase adherence.

Increased peer engagement
Leading agencies utilize Corti to automate peer review and engagement, leveraging the command center to continually enhance quality through peer evaluations.


99% compliant to QA standards
Automatically QA 99% of calls with greater visibility into
individual and team performance and autofill QA reports so your agency is compliant.


Minimize over-triaging
Corti automatically analyzes all calls, identifying protocols and cases with over- and under-triage, helping to reduce inaccuracies.

“With the old system, it took about an hour to review three calls. Now I can do it in about 15 minutes.”

Terry Mentele, Lieutenant, Boston EMS Dispatch

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