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Intelligent call recording for call centers

Call center leaders are racing to keep costs down while still providing superior customer service. In today’s call centers, this task is tougher than ever.


So, what should you do to deliver a great customer experience (CX) and get a leg up on the competition? Organizations that come out on top are adopting these two best practices:


·      Moving beyond traditional workforce optimization (WFO)
·      Investing in contact center automation

Implementing contact center solutions that allow you to do both of these practices exceedingly well is critical if you want to have a competitive edge.


Optimize call center recording, easily evaluate service quality, access real-time analytics to see agent performance, and enhance customer experience with our recording solutions.


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Facilitate compliance, reduce risk, & enhance customer service with advanced call recording and archival management

Verint Audiolog is an advanced digital call recording, evaluation, and archiving solution designed to facilitate compliance, reduce risk, increase process efficiencies, and enhance customer service.


Backed by Verint’s industry-leading patent portfolio on recording, Audiolog offers full-time, on-demand, scheduled, and criteria-driven recording, along with rapid access to captured interactions to help expedite dispute resolution and reduce liability. Its flexible storage capabilities allow large volumes of calls to be retained using industry-standard storage technologies. Customizable evaluation forms, powerful interactive assessment tools, and synchronized audio and screen replay can help increase supervisor productivity and enhance agent performance.


Built on thousands of successful implementations, Audiolog helps contact centers optimize their service quality and improve operational effectiveness — reliably, securely, and cost-effectively.


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