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YourSix's cloud-native PSaaS solutions

As an award-winning Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) provider, YourSix combines all aspects of physical security delivered as a service by a single trusted security partner. YourSix's cloud-native Y6OS platform empowers the seamless convergence of video surveillance, access control, audio technologies, sensors, AI and video monitoring.


Northland Business Systems and YourSix equips you to more intelligently safeguard your most important assets, eliminate blind spots, and leverage visual intelligence in operational success.

Your security determines your future.

Our technology secures your future. 

YourSix (Y6OS) Surveillance


Cloud surveillance is the heart of our YourSixOS platform. This modern, highly-secure cloud-based solution eliminates your premises-based appliances and provides you new levels of redundancy, scalability, and cybersecurity.  

YourSix (Y6OS) Access Control

Access Control

Physical security is about protecting your assets: your people, your goods, your proprietary information, even your customer experience. The heart of that mission is access control. And, a cloud-based solution like YourSixOS offers tremendous advantages in how you manage your facilities.  

YourSix (Y6OS) Audio


Security is more than visual. Leveraging an integrated, cloud-based smart audio solution as part of your overall security platform provides a lower total cost of ownership and advanced integrations you won’t find in another system. 

YourSix (Y6OS) Sensors


The future of physical security is in the cloud, not just because of bandwidth management or better system management. Powerful fog computing on edge devices provides deep learning and exponentially greater capabilities at the point of application.  

YourSix (Y6OS) Artifical Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

Smart sensors can provide powerful detection capabilities that supplement your visual intelligence and security platform. Third-party smart sensors integrate directly with your cameras, access control, and audio capabilities to complete your 360-degree physical security network.

YourSix (Y6OS) Professional Monitoring

Professional Monitoring

After the doors are locked, staff have left for the day or night, and your facilities are quiet, who’s watching your business? Working with nationally-certified monitoring services, you can verify alarm triggers with actionable HD video and intervene via two-way audio to deter a crime in progress.  

Why Y6OS?

  • Eliminate on-site hardware through a 100% cloud-managed platform
  • Remove single point of failure through indevice storage paired with redundant cloud storage
  • Protect your investment long-term with open technology
  • Eradicate downtime with redundant architecture
  • Manage everything from a single pane of glass
  • Grow to your needs with unlimited scalability
  • Ensure up-to-date protection with proactive health monitoring
  • Guard your data with modern cybersecurity protocols

You don’t know what you can’t see

As technology continues to evolve, business intelligence becomes your greatest asset - or your greatest threat. Do you have enough visibility into your business to accurately minimize risks and consistently maximize profitability?


Northland Business Systems and YourSix Pure Cloud Physical Security as a Service can help - we've got your back.