8 Benefits of an Integrated Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

8 Benefits of an Integrated Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

Posted by Beth Stapleton on 7th Jun 2024

The volume and variety of evidence – especially digital evidence – is growing at an exponential rate. This leaves policing organizations challenged with managing and securely storing mountains of videos, documents, audio recordings, images, and other evidence. 

DWS Hybrid technology, an integrated Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS), provides the ability to ingest, search, store, analyze, share, collaborate, securely manage, and report on multiple evidence types within a single system. 

8 Benefits of an Integrated Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) 

Our integrated digital evidence management solution, DWS Hybrid, offers several benefits for law enforcement agencies, investigators, and prosecutors. 

  1. Easily Enables Collaboration: DWS Hybrid provides seamless evidence access to policing organizations, attorneys, court systems, government agencies, and other authorized individuals. 
  2. Brings Disparate Systems Together: Disconnected DEMS hinder investigators' abilities to capture, search, and share intended digital evidence quickly. The DWS solutions can integrate with other key third-party DEM, RMS, CAD, and recording systems such as Evidence.com, WatchGuard, Liberty Interview Recorder, and many others that have open APIs. 
  3. Ingests More Evidence Types: DWS Hybrid handles various forms of digital evidence, including videos, images, audio recordings, documents, and more. In addition, with the help of the DWS Data-Central solution, users can convert propriety video files from BWCs, dash cams, and more into standard MP4 video files. 
  4. Improves Public Safety: By organizing, storing, and collaborating on digital evidence within a single system, agencies can help expedite charging decisions faster and increase early guilty pleas. 
  5. Boosts Productivity: DWS Hybrid's streamlined workflows for capturing, storing, managing, investigating, and sharing digital evidence lead to operational efficiency across all agencies and parties involved. 
  6. Accessible & Actionable: A new DEMS is not money well spent if investigators can’t easily access, find, and retrieve evidence within it. DWS Hybrid has advanced search and previewing capabilities, including federated search features, that make locating, accessing, and securely sharing information fast and easy. 
  7. Saves Time & Money: Often times evidence is crammed onto CDs and thumb drives or even printed on paper, and then it is stuffed in folders and stowed away in evidence rooms for safe keeping. Keeping digital evidence digital improves chain of custody, reduces resource-intensive processes, and ultimately saves time and resources. 
  8. Improves Compliance & Security: Copying and transporting evidence on CDs and other media opens the door to potentially misplacing evidence or exposing criminal records or sensitive personal data. DWS Hybrid ensures compliance with evidence handling protocols and enhances security by protecting chain of custody throughout investigations. 

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