Powering Actionable Intelligence
Verint Systems Inc. is a leading global provider of analytic software-based solutions for security and business intelligence. Verint solutions help organizations make sense of the vast voice, video, and data available to them, transforming this information into actionable intelligence for better decisions and highly effective performance.

Since 1994, Verint has been committed to developing innovative solutions that help global organizations achieve their most important objectives. Today, organizations in over 50 countries use Verint solutions to enhance security, boost operational efficiency, and fuel profitability.

Audiolog™ by Verint®  is a complete, open architecture system for recording, archiving, and playing back multi-media conversations. Audiolog integrates seamlessly into contact centers and public safety environments, either as a standalone recorder/playback unit, or as a dedicated server in an established network. Audiolog records interactions on PBX, ACD, trunked radio and CTI systems, using advanced technology developed by Verint’s in-house engineering to ensure compatibility and ease-of-use.

Audiolog for Public Safety

Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG 9-1-1) Audiolog is an advanced digital call recording, retrieval, and quality assurance solution designed to enhance the performance of emergency response, public safety, and control room operations.  It offers superior relability in mission-critical environments, along with flexible, easy-to-use functionality that can help your agency, department, or organization meet the demands of NG 9-1-1 by:

  • Capturing and retrieving voice and related data, such as telephone numbers and locations, from a variety of audio sources.
  • Capturing screen data, including images, video, and text.
  • Live monitoring calls to help ensure adherence to policies and procedures.
  • Reconstructing incident scenarios to understand the chain of events.
  • Evaluating and enhancing call taker, dispatcher, and manager performance at public safety answer points.
  • Documenting and reporting results efficiently

Designed for superior reliability in mission-critical environments, Audiolog can record all calls with related data in virtually any public safety situation.

Rapid, incident-based recording retrieval facilitates scenario reconstruction and provides public safety professionals with the information they need to act more effectively. Remote live monitoring and playback let managers listen to multiple channels or calls from their desktop PCs. Flexible storage capabilities allow large volumes of calls and related data to be retained using industry-standard storage technologies. And interactive assessment tools facilitate compliance with government mandates on call handling evaluation. Built on thousands of successful implementations, Audiolog helps 9-1-1 centers, emergency dispatch facilities, homeland security agencies, transportation networks, correction facilities, and other public safety organizations perform more effectively.

Help Public Safety Organizations Work More Effectively

Audiolog captures telephone and radio interactions and can tag them with pertinent CTI, ANI/ALI, ICCS, and other data, for a more complete picture of public safety situations. Then Audiolog makes recorded voice, screens, and data readily accessible to call handlers, dispatchers, and supervisors for greater situational awareness and fast, effective response.

Designed to perform consistently and dependably in the demanding operations and dispatch center environments, Audiolog can capture all calls in their entirety or can be set to record on demand when fulltime recording is unnecessary or prohibited.

The Recordings Public Safety Professionals Need, When They Need Them

Audiolog can retain large volumes of calls online and archive contacts to DVD-RAM media and network-based storage resources. These flexible storage options provide public safety professionals with ongoing access to interactions and data, so that they can review or verify actions and assess call handling performance over time.

Flexible Recording and Storage Options

Audiolog Call Recording Server offers full-time, on-demand, criteria-driven or scheduled recording. A single Audiolog server can serve multiple applications within your organization. With it, communications centers have tremendous recording flexibility and connectivity, and can rest assured in a recording system specifically designed to fulfill the widest range of recording requirements while being one of the most efficient, easy-to-use and reliable solutions available.

Audiolog’s open architecture also provides maximum storage flexibility, with available redundant hard drives, automatic archiving to DVD-RAM, automatic upload to Network-Attached Storage (NAS), RAID5, the EMC Centera content addressed storage solution or SAN storage, as well as Verint’s innovative Centralized Archiving Storage (CAS) configuration. Most recently, Verint has announced the release of the innovative Audiolog Virtual Media™ (AVM) option which allows users to store and easily retrieve calls, complete with catalog database information, to any type of third-party media selected.
Unparalleled Connectivity and Integration

Audiolog is designed to minimize technology expenditure and increase product serviceability. Verint® (formerly Mercom) supports all industry CTI standards including TAPI, TSAPI, CSTA, JTAPI, OAI and others. Verint also features tightly-coupled integration with leading trunked radio systems, efficiently recording and storing both trunked and conventional transmissions.

  • Open-architecture design assures reliability and ease-of-use.
  • Audiolog’s IRIS scheduler allows total control of when to record, what types of calls to record, which groups to record, and how many calls to record.
  • Desktop record-on-demand capability (RODNI™) allows agents and supervisors to start and stop their own recordings, or to tag recorded calls with important information.
  • Audiolog Interaction Review™ software allows users to access, search for, and play recordings from a central point for all call centers (over WAN) via a web browser, eliminating the need for conventional client software loaded on the playback PC, and includes advanced querying capabilities.
  • Outstanding desktop access enables remote call playback, live monitoring, scheduling of recordings, and management and configuration of the system
  • Easily search for calls by date, time, duration, channel, agent, caller ID, DNIS, dialer number, call index number, reference text, private data and more.
  • Audiolog screen recording is designed to minimize network usage and storage requirements. All screen changes including mouse movements and keystrokes are efficiently captured without disrupting agents, and are fully reproduced during playback.