Red Box Recorders

Red Box Recorders

In your contact center or call center, Red Box Quantify™ recording helps develop a competitive edge.

It enables you to build customer loyalty and deliver an excellent experience that reinforces brand values, minimizes repeat calls, maximizes ‘sales through service’ and optimizes call length.  Quantify also provides essential business and employee protection through dependable total recording.

Red Box solutions are ideal for smaller to medium-sized contact centers, but scale easily for enterprise-level organizations without introducing complexity.

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Typical applications

Red Box recording simplifies these essential tasks:

  • Training and coaching
  • Agent evaluation, with advanced audio and screen-based assessment
  • Quality and performance management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Prevention of fraudulent claims
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Adherence to internal policies

Technical benefits

  • Advanced audio and screen-based assessment
  • Integrated PCI suppression
  • Third-party data integration
  • Easy to use – low IT involvement
  • Fast installation
  • Minimal maintenance – software-only

Quantify for contact centers

Red Box Quantify QM™

Red Box Quantify QM™ will help you improve quality in your contact center.  It’s the perfect quality monitoring and quality evaluation package that enables you to perform everything from agent evaluation and assessment to training and coaching.  And the results?  With Quantify QM™, you’ll deliver measurable enhancements in vital areas such as call handling time and first call resolution.

So simple to use

Quantify QM™ is very easy to get to grips with. It’s designed for supervisors and managers without specific IT training and requires no specialist knowledge.  Yet the application, which integrates seamlessly with Quantify Recording Suite, offers:

  • Live monitoring
  • Synchronised voice and screen recording
  • Customised scoring forms based on your evaluation criteria
  • Flexible reports including automated scheduled reports to save you time

It also links to PCI suppression for compliance and allows supervisors to distribute coaching tips with best-practice examples.  Contact center professionals want to spend time managing their agents, not their quality management system. Quantify QM™ lets them do just that.

Smaller contact center? Go Lite

Quantify QM™Lite gives the same advantages, but is based on a single server for maximum cost-effectiveness.

  • Call Management
  • AudioFinder
  • Event Reconstruct
  • Screen Data Capture
  • CallSafe
  • PCI Suppression

Call management solutions

With Quantify Call Management software, businesses can reduce communication and call billing costs by up to 30%. It helps improve employee productivity by identifying non-business outgoing calls and detects network abuse or fraud – all unnecessary costs.

The perfect call accounting tool
Quantify Call Management gives web-based ‘dashboard’ views of activity from all your call systems in near real-time, together with flexible call reporting, statistics and data visualisation. Better still, the software monitors VoIP quality of service (QoS) to ensure you receive good call quality from your network provider.

So you won’t just benefit from effective call logging; you’ll optimise resources and be able to control your budgets more easily.


Search voice content quickly and accurately across audio or video media at far lower cost than a traditional audio analytics solution.  A simple add-on to Quantify Recording Suite, Quantify AudioFinder is invaluable in investigations, dispute resolution and validating transactions or call information.

Its intelligent search facility, which incorporates filters across a wide range of criteria, can help with compliance checks: for example, you may need to verify how your contact centre agents greet customers or whether your company name is mentioned early in the call. Quantify AudioFinder will search large numbers of calls at high speed; you can add the results to a quality management package like Quantify QM™.

Advanced voice analytics technology
Quantify AudioFinder uses remarkably adaptable phonetic indexing, so it automatically returns precise results regardless of audio quality, speaker accent, dialect, slang or non-standard grammar.

Fast and flexible
Quantify AudioFinder is ideal for the emergency services, particularly the police, where it rapidly helps collate and distribute evidence for court case files. As it supports multiple languages and specialised industry terms, it’s also highly suitable on trading floors in financial markets.

Want to go higher?
If you’re looking for enterprise-level audio analytics, Red Box can help, too. We work with Nexidia, one of our technology partners, to provide a fully integrated and automated solution. Just send us an enquiry or call the number opposite.

Event reconstruction

Red Box Quantify Event Reconstruct makes it simpler to investigate incidents for compliance or evidence & disclosure.  It enables you to reconstruct single events from multiple sources such as audio files, CCTV, PC screen recording and SMS. Quantify Event Reconstruct allows you to manage large volumes of recordings using a visual timeline and will synchronise up to 50 outputs at once.

Designed for rapid results
With Quantify Event Reconstruct you can start collecting evidence very quickly; it needs minimal training and is optimised for touchscreen applications. There’s a workspace area with simple ‘click and drag’ – allowing you to sort and select from potentially thousands of recording files – and the facility to add notes or comments.

Quantify Event Reconstruct is also ideal for investigation teams: a group of users can work on the same case and consolidate files into a secure, shared workspace for output to other evidential systems. All calls are authenticated and so are court-admissible.

Whether you’re a compliance or disclosure officer, Quantify Event Reconstruct will make your life easier.

Screen data capture

Red Box Quantify Screen Data Capture delivers simple screen recording across your network. As a straightforward desktop recording application, it’s ideal equally for contact centres and back offices, and can record hundreds of PCs at a time.

Vital for compliance
If your business has to meet regulatory compliance requirements such as those of PCI DSS through transaction recording, Quantify Screen Data Capture provides a welcome answer: supervisors can review the exact sequence of events on any PC with synchronised audio and screen replay.

Improves training and quality
With such easy screen recording, supervisors can also carry out agent performance evaluation and check for service quality assurance – there’s no evidence of recording on individuals’ workstations, and everything is encrypted.  You can go further still. Quantify Screen Data Capture is so flexible it can be used independently, or with a quality management package like Quantify QM™.


Red Box Quantify CallSafe allows you simply and securely to keep calls for investigation, compliance or legal disclosure – indefinitely if necessary.  Quantify CallSafe can be used across a range of sectors, but specifically it provides ‘litigation hold’ in financial markets.

Locks the original call
With a single click of a ‘padlock’ icon, Quantify CallSafe puts the call, or set of calls, into secure network storage. While in litigation hold, the call can’t be altered or overwritten, but it can easily be referenced with a note or incident number.  There’s no effect on other calls; these stay compliant with your usual retention requirements, such as data protection.

Works with other Quantify applications
Quantify Event Reconstruct is an ideal complement to Quantify CallSafe in investigating incidents and compiling evidence.

PCI Suppression

PCI compliance (payment card industry compliance), means that you have  to ‘blank’ or suppress parts of recorded communications when taking card  payments from customers. It’s called the PCI DSS – Data Security  Standard.

Compliance recording through silence
Red Box Quantify PCI Suppression enables you to make authenticated voice  or screen records with suppressed audio (silence). This is secure  recording at its simplest: the software just triggers PCI suppression  when an agent opens a card-payment application to capture sensitive  data.

Extremely flexible
There’s a range of options to initiate suppression, whether manually or automatically, right up to a fully-integrated API. You can configure the application yourself, or ask us to do it. Either way, we’re pleased to help and provide all the guidance you need on PCI call recording.

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