Video Insight offers a comprehensive suite of products in our enterprise class IP Video Surveillance Solution.  Use map and floor plan based navigation to view live and recorded video from anywhere on the internet, network or using your smart phone.  The software has been installed on over 4500 campuses and supports over 1,800 camera models from 80 major camera manufacturers.

Camera Support •Support for 675 camera models from 50 manufactures. Complete list available at
•Universal camera driver provides support for almost all cameras via RTSP or HTTP
•Resolutions up to 10 Megapixel
•Supports H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4 and Wavelet-based compressions
•Camera or server-side motion detection
•Support camera or server-side exclusion, sensitivity and privacy zones
•Camera auto discovery
•Centralized camera management
•Confirm operation status with camera Health Monitoring
•Monitor camera tampering alarms
•Support for advanced camera features including virtual cameras
•Audio and DIO inputs
•Specialty camera support including Sentry 360 with de-warping and digital PTZ
•Hybrid support for video encoders or Video Insight analog capture cards
Live Video •Full featured Windows, Web, Smart Phone and PDA clients
•iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android clients
•Centralized viewing of live and recorded images from any client
•Unlimited users can view live and recorded video simultaneously
•Up to 30FPS per camera
•Digital Zoom on any image with mouse click
•View live images from any camera in the system full screen or in a grid
•Create customized layouts for easy access to cameras from any server and centrally store for easy access
•Cycle Individual or multi-view cameras sequencing Cycle 36 cameras with 6x6 or 9x3 wide screen layouts
•Camera touring
•Client applications require little or no end user training
•Left Navigation tree organizes cameras by physical location or logical groups
•Quickly navigate between cameras from any server using standard windows explorer tree structure
•Search box allows quick access to any camera or server
•Drag cameras from left navigation tree into layout
•Pop-up live images can be resized and put on top of all desktop applications
•Send video to other users logged into the system
•H.264 video streams transmitted from server to clients
•Capture JPEG or print live snapshots
•Instant Replay of last 30 seconds
•Pause individual camera for instant investigation
•Motion alerts displayed for each camera
•Set motion alarm on individual camera
•Picture-in-Picture of zoomed area
•Mouse roller-ball zoom
•Remove left navigation on use Facility maps to navigate between cameras
•Run in Full Screen mode for Video Walls
•Virtual Matrix
•View up to 36 cameras on a single monitor in multiple layouts
•Support for up to 4 monitors on a single PC
•Support for Live audio
•Support for privacy zones on live and recorded images
•Optional user timeout of live display saving bandwidth
•Pause all live viewing for bandwidth conservation
•Support for Axis Video Decoders to view IP cameras on Analog monitors
•Search box allows easy access to any camera or server in system
•Support for any screen resolution up to 2560 x 1600
•Option to play sound on motion alarm
•Option to outline camera in Red to draw attention to motion alarm
•Create Covert cameras by removing from navigation
•Option to reduce the live video FPS while maintaining higher recording FPS
Web Client •View live and recorded video via powerful Web Client
•Access to all cameras in the system
•Web support includes Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, Opera and Chrome
•Macintosh support via Web Client
•Left Navigation tree organizes cameras by physical location or logical groups
•Users authentication via Active Directory, LDAP or Novell eDirectory
•Full Facility Map support
•View unlimited number of layouts support
•View motion alarms and associated recorded video
•Map only viewing allows viewing of live and recorded video but removes all menus
•Support for SSL
•Active-X control is optional for Internet Explorer for high speed viewing
•Supports JPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 cameras
•Optional user timeout of live display saving bandwidth
iPhone, Blackberry, Android and PDA •View live and recorded video from any camera on the system
•Support iPhone, iPod, Blackberry and Android powered smart phones
•Support for Windows Mobile Professional, CE or Opera Mini
•Control PTZ’s
•Navigation includes camera thumbnails
•Authenticate users via local, Active Directory, LDAP or eDirectory
PTZ Support •Three PTZ control options including on screen PTZ overlay commands, left navigation control and pop-up menu options
•Support an unlimited number of PTZ presets and cycling through presets
•Run multiple PTZ cycles each with unique presets
•Support for automatic movement of PTZ back to home position
•Stop and start PTZ cycles from clients
•PTZ Panning
•Digital PTZ on live and recorded video
•Focus, lighting and speed controls
•PTZ’s presets embedded to camera title bar for quick access
•Control PTZ’s with Axis joystick or generic gaming controllers
Facility Maps •Graphical maps provide quick access to cameras
•Multi-level mapping provides enterprise view
•Mouse over of Camera icons for live video pop-up
•Pre-defined camera layouts on Facility Maps can switch live displays to groups of cameras
•Maps can be embedded in layout or in a separate window
•Launch Facility Map on startup
•Link an unlimited number of maps
•Simple setup requires JPEG, BMP or GIF images and drag and drop camera placement of maps, cameras, layouts or doors
•Import Google Earth images
Recorded •Intuitive access to recorded video from any camera in system regardless of location
•Expand left navigation tree shows date folders for each access to recordings
•Select time frame and use convenient play, pause, scroll and rewind buttons to navigate recorded video
•Frame by Frame or variable playback speeds up to 16X
•Slider bar provides quick access to event
•Play video continuously throughout and entire 24-hour period
•Digital zoom on all recorded video
•Instant replay of last 30 seconds of recorded video
•Mouse click saves current image
•Motion Alarm activated recording with unlimited sensitivity zones
•Easily configure motion zones with intuitive live display
•Camera specific Pre/Post motion alarm recording buffers
•Continuous, motion activated, scheduled, event or trigger basis recording
•Record up to 30FPS or as little as 1 image per second, hour or day
•Configure quality and resolution settings for each camera individually
•Motion Event logs provide quick review of video associated with motion or alarm events
•Graphical timeline highlights motion events
•Smart Search
•Event Search
•Larger buffer playback for easy scrolling after download
•Progressive download speeds video retrieval over slow speed connection
•Download starts from any point on file, for fast access to events
•Recorded frame rate changes can be triggered by motion or alarm events
•Automatically manages files and disk space to ensure continuous recording
•Adjustable playback size up to full screen
•Consistent date/time stamp across all cameras and recorded files
•Trigger actions based on alarms
•Recorded video is saved in cameras native compression format
•Synchronized playback of multiple cameras
•Support for recorded audio
•Specify the maximum amount of disk storage on a per camera basis
•Option to Watermark all recorded video
•Specify privacy zones to block access to live or recorded access to parts of an image
•Automatically manages files and disk space to ensure continuous recording
•Restrict access to cameras for Covert cameras
Video Export •Easy file export with two click process to create AVI file for export
•AVI format compatible with all major media players
•Exported clip can be forced into MJPEG for compatibility
•Save individual JPEG
•Video can be saved in MJPEG, MPEG4 or H.264 compression formats
•Visible and invisible Watermarks applied to exported video clip
•Consistent date/timestamp applied to exported clip
•Standalone player for watermark verification
Notifications •Pop-up windows with live video of alarmed cameras
•Option to push live video pop-up to other users logged into system
•Alert alarm conditions with red outline of camera in layout
•Play audio file on alarm
•Pop-up with detailed instructions on alarm
•Actions on events include change live cameras, execute DIO, display instant replay, push image to video wall, cycle spot monitor, move PTZ to presets, change recording options and record with audio
•Email◦Text message
◦With attached JPEG images or AVI clips on motion and alarm activation
◦On operational instruction due to camera or server malfunction
◦On recording failure or capacity
◦On system errors
◦On disabled recording
Automation •Powerful Rules Wizard allows easy configuration of an unlimited number of automation tasks that allow the system to take actions after an event.
•Automation with multiple time schedules
•Flashback Email option sends an single email with a JPEG image representing the event
•Setting up trigger events and resulting actions◦Triggers include any combination of alarm inputs (DIO), motion detection, schedules, Software Develop Kit (SDK), or TCP/IP inputs
◦Resulting actions can including log entries, audible alert, emails, instant replay, live pop-up windows, change layouts, change camera settings, cycle spot monitor, change frame rates, display custom message, move PTZ cameras to presents, change record options, push video to display wall and switch camera

•I/O events◦Inputs and Outputs on cameras
◦Event based alters, notifications and actions

•Boolean functionally with multiple conditions triggering one action or single condition triggering multiple actions
•Play wave file on task or alarm
Enterprise Functionality •Support for unlimited cameras and recording servers
•View live and recorded video from multiple locations in a single display using predefined layouts
•Multi-Level Mapping
•Send video to other users logged into the system
•Centralized Management – all camera configurations are done from one easy-to-use setup screen
•Adjust brightness, contrast and image rotation via centralized management
•Comprehensive system log
•Audit Trail of all user logins and configuration changes stored in a SQL database
•System-wide health monitoring
•Detailed information about each camera and server including phone numbers of responsible personnel.
•Automatic upgrade of client applications
•Camera auto discovery
•Customized layouts can include cameras from multiple locations
•Centralized storage of user layouts and centrally managed
•Dynamically add cameras to servers or move them between servers
•Automatically populate all servers through the enterprise into single client applications
•Client application does not need administrator writes to local PC, settings can be stored in an XML file in the users directory
•Support for both centralized and distributed architectures
•System backup automatically created during server shutdown
Audio •Synchronized video and audio with playback
•Buffer audio in low bandwidth environments
•Review recorded audio from any server
Server Performance •Scalable to over 100 cameras per server and unlimited servers
•Custom camera drivers support high camera counts
•UP to 1,600Mbites/second storage writes on single RAID controller
•Unlimited client access
Bandwidth Optimization •Client applications can receive bandwidth optimized streams in low speed environments
•Optional server side transcoding saves up to 10x bandwidth on live
•Optional down sampled playback of recorded video on client
•Option to reduce the live video FPS while maintaining higher recording FPS
•Pause all live viewing for bandwidth conservation
•Selectable inactivity timeout that “pauses” live video but does not log out of system
Security •Enterprise-wide user management
•Multi level security including restriction of setup, management, live and recorded viewing, PTZ operation, access to layouts, facility maps and rules
•Authenticate users with a Video Insight users database or with integration of users and groups from Active Director, LDAP or Novell eDirectory
•Assign individual camera permissions to users or groups
•User Permissions are stored in the SQL database to allow users settings to be accessed from any client PC
•Monitor Station client applications only need two open ports and a single port for the Web Client
•Video stream encryption through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
•Privacy Zones block a portion of the image from live and recording
•Comprehensive log of all changes to system
•Watermark all files during recording (CPU intensive)
•Watermark exported clips
•Included Standalone player can be used to verify authenticity of watermark
•Hide all menus from users
•Options to remove all Windows commands including the ‘Start’ button or access to storage drives
•Runs as a Windows Service preventing shutdown and ensuring automatic startup
Technology •Robust and Scalable open design
•Designed to run on standard hardware
•Windows platforms of XP, 2003, 2008 and Windows 7
•Supports 64 bit OS running as a 32bit app
•Support for camera or server side motion detection
•Developed in open technologies including Microsoft .Net and SQL Server
•Microsoft SQL Server is included in the Setup and automatically installed, unless an existing server is selected. SQL Server can be located anywhere on the network
•Camera settings, logs and user management settings are stored in a SQL Database
•Easy integration with 3rd party application via the well defined SQL tables
•Server Software runs as a Windows Service
•Client’s connect to server and do not connect directly to cameras
•Monitor Station and Web client can connect to a single IP address to access the entire system
•Monitor Station Client connects to a server on 2 configurable ports
•Web Client connects on 1 configurable port
•Automated backup of settings to allow system operation without connection to SQL database
•Blade Server supported
•Virtual OS supported included VMware, Hyper-V and Xen
•Web access via Microsoft IIS and compatible with Microsoft Load Balancing
•Comprehensive backup of all settings via System Backup Utility
Storage •Flexible high-speed storage design
•No storage limits
•Support for internal and external storage devices including NAS, SAN and iSCSI
•Store each camera to different paths
•By default will use all available disk space and overwrite the oldest files
•Option to specify the maxim days to store by camera
•Support for Pivot3 Cloudbank failover architecture and Dell EqualLogic iSCSI
•Optional Transcoding for MJPEG cameras can provide 3x recorded history on a camera by camera basis by using Microsoft WMV
Licensing •Simple per camera licensing available in single camera increments
•Individual camera MAC address registration is not required
•No extra licensing costs for client applications
•Virtual cameras require only a single license
•Arecont 180° and 360° cameras require only a single license
•Health Monitoring and Long Term Storage accessories applications are included with base system
Support Options Software updates and unlimited tech support for the first year are included with the purchase. Additional years can be purchased annual or in multi-year bundles. Support plans include:

Software Upgrade Program (SUP)
■Access to all updates and new versions of their software.
■Unlimited access to Video Insight Technical Support during our regular business hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM CST, Monday thru Friday except major holidays

Customer Assurance Plan (CAP)
■All the benefits of the SUP program
■Installation, Implementation & Design Assistance by Video Insight systems engineers
■Upgrade and Update Assistance by Video Insight Technical Support Staff via a remote connection
■System Health Monitoring provided by Video Insight
■Free training in Houston available every month on the third Thursday and Friday.
■One day onsite training by Video Insight Tech Support. Customers will be responsible for all travel and hotel costs.
■Free Remote Webinars for administrator or end user training
■Advanced replacement on all items purchased from Video Insight and under our warranty
Ease-of-use Features •Left navigation tree provides quick access to cameras
•Navigation Search box
•Integrated context-specific help files
•Option to remove all menus
•Auto login function for clients
•Client timeout functionally for reducing bandwidth during non-use
•Option to start application in full screen mode on startup
•Single Setup loads entire application, no pre-requisites required
Primary System Components •IP Server
•Service Manager
•Monitor Station Client
•Web Client
•iPhone/Blackberry/Android Client
•PDA Client
Utilities Included with Base System •Health Monitor – Standalone application for comprehensive remote monitoring of system status. Each server, on a customizable interval, can send an outbound message to the Health Monitor. This communication is outbound from the server and will work behind firewalls.◦Monitoring options include system status, camera status, recording status, no video has been detected and disk space warnings
◦Quick dashboard summary
◦Email notifications can be sent to responsible parties
◦Windows and Web Clients

•Long Term Storage (LTS) – Standalone application for recorded video file management. Move, trim or recompress recorded video from a single or multiple cameras on a schedule basis.
•Standalone Player with Watermark Validation – Review recorded video on any PC while viewing thumbnails and using a scroll bar for precise investigation. Also included is the option to validate a watermark
•Media Player – Included as a standalone application, the Media Player is an investigation tool for reviewing video from any camera on the system
•System Backup Utility – creates a complete copy of all settings use in the application
•Remote Support Utilities allowing Video Insight Tech Support access to your system
•File Repair
•Rebranding Utilities
Accessories •PTZ joysticks support including Axis PTZ and standard gaming joysticks
•Axis Video Decoder 292 and P7701
•Software Development Kit (SDK)◦.Net based
◦Provides an API that can be used for integrations and customizations
◦Integrate live and recorded video into solutions
◦Flexible integration and customized solutions

•POS Text Insertion with VSI Pro from AVE
Integration •Open API for any third-party integration with access control, alarm panels, building automation systems and other applications
•Video Content Analysis with VCI and AgentVI
•License Plate Recognition systems
•Agilence Retail Analytics
System Requirements •Server◦Hardware Platform - 2 Ghz Dual Core CPU with 1 GB Minimum memory. As camera count increases with Server side Motion Detection, increase memory to 2 GB or higher with 64bit OS
◦Operating System - 32 or 64bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Server 2003 (Web, Standard or Enterprise), Server 2008 (Web, Standard or Enterprise) or Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate). Install Microsoft IIS on all platforms for Web, Smart Phone or PDA clients
◦Virtualized Environments – Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft Virtual Server, Hyper-V, Xen and VMware
◦Storage – minimum of 250 GB SATA storage■Support for internal, direct attached or network-based storage
■iSCSI, eSATA, NAS, or SAN storage arrays
•Monitor Station Client◦Hardware Platform – 2 Ghz Dual Core CPU with 1 GB Minimum memory. Increase the CPU and memory as requirements for live viewing increase■Graphics Cards – 1280 x 1024 (minimum 1024x768) with 128 MB memory.

•Operating System - 32 or 64bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Server 2003 (Web, Standard or Enterprise), Server 2008 (Web, Standard or Enterprise) or Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate).◦Storage – 100MB storage needs

•Smart Phone and PDA◦Smart Phone - iPhone, iPod, Blackberry and Android powered devices

◦PDA – Windows Mobile Professional powered devices