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Northland Telemedicine


Northland has been providing solutions to record mission-critical audio and video to our customers since 1982.  The needs of healthcare professionals are ever-changing.  We’ve listened to our customers, and responded to their needs with our new Telemedicine virtual scribe platform.

Telemedicine is designed to empower providers with critical tools that are required in today’s environment, in an economical package. A two-way live feed is established between the provider and scribe. The feed can be full video, audio only, or toggled between the two options during the session. If desired, the feed is also recorded.

Additional tools, such as two-way chat messaging and the ability for the provide to select an available scribe agent are included with the solution. It is also compatible with both Microsoft Windows and iOS tablets, and can be configured on rolling medical carts or with a smart tablet. Northland’s Telemedicine is designed to be used in a wide variety of environments. We realize every facility has unique requirements, wants and needs. Please contact us for a conversation and demonstration of LiveScribe, to see if Telemedicine is the solution you have been looking for!

Key Features:

  • Two-Way Live Feed
  • Live Video or Audio-Only Functionality
  • Ability to Record Feed
  • Two-Way Chat Messaging
  • Ability to Select Available Scribe Agent
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows and iOS Tablets
  • Available with Medical Rolling Cart or Smart Tablet