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Speech-Enabled Clinical Documentation Solutions

Winscribe helps organizations create complete, high-quality clinical documentation needed to attain critical cost and quality goals.

Winscribe’s reporting and document management solutions combine the latest Microsoft speech technology with customer-friendly workflow software to deliver an extremely cost-effective documentation system.  The result:  physician satisfaction, data quality, and full realization of EHR benefits.


Better Care Through Quality Documentation

Capturing the full context of a patient encounter – the complete patient story – is essential to arriving at meaningful data.  Quality information is the lifeblood of analytics and other initiatives promoting healthcare’s rapid migration from volume-based reimbursement to value based.

Narrative context offers:  medical document

  • Physicans a more natural method of documentation that fits with their natural thought process and methods of treating patients
  • Greater richness of information more useful to other caregivers
  • Easier collaboration and faster access to information access across sites and specialties
  • A more complete patient story that leads to better quality of care

Winscribe Healthcare Solutions

Winscribe Specializes in clinical documentation systems that work for all users.

Its “EHR Accelerator App Suite” offers speech-based solutions that accommodate the range of documentation requirements for hospitals, clinics and groups.  Winscribe’s options address the limitations and dissatisfaction with EHRs, traditional transcription, scribes, and other documentation styles.

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Delivering Value from Day One

Adopting Winscribe products is made easy by the company’s focus on providing top quality support and an extremely user-friendly solution.clinical documentation

Financially, Winscribe products are an investment that often pays for itself within a year.  The benefits of investment include:

  • Reduces the burden of documentation, enabling greater productivity
  • Preserves the meaning, context and detail of patient interactions, contributing to data and care quality improvements
  • Allows physicians to use their preferred method of documentation within the EHR environment, leading to faster adoption
  • Provides a more cost-effective solution – up to 30% below competitive offerings



Further Information & Resources

Get all the information you need.  Our info center offers you valuable information regarding Winscribe’s software solutions.  Choose from a variety of product literature, case studies, customer testimonials and product demonstration videos.



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