Emdat’s clinical documentation and transcription solutions help to deliver on the promise of your EHR – maximizing clinician efficiency and reducing documentation costs.

The system-wide adoption of electronic health records (EHR) can be riddled with adoption challenges — obligatory workflow changes, increased documentation time, consolidation of templates — frustrating both healthcare providers and patients alike.

Emdat solves these problems, enabling electronic record-keeping technology to deliver maximum productivity and clinician satisfaction along with significant cost reduction capabilities. Providing clinical documentation software designed to bridge the gap between the EHR and traditional dictation has propelled Emdat to the forefront of successful electronic health record adoption.

Our hybrid approach to patient encounter documentation can:

  • Increase clinician productivity, maximizing revenue potential
  • Reduce transcription costs by as much as 50%
  • Increase care quality by preserving the complete clinical narrative
  • Improve patient satisfaction by eliminating the need for clinicians to use a computer during patient care
  • Allow clinicians to use mobile apps, speech recognition or traditional dictation devices to create and complete documentation
  • Compile structured data from the narrative reports to support adoption of Meaningful Use standards
  • Enable document management and delivery to any EHR at no extra cost

Medical facilities and healthcare providers will maximize their productivity, improve accuracy and streamline workflow — all while decreasing documentation costs. Our secure, web-based software platform completely automates the documentation process. Our solutions enable transcription professionals and care providers access to the information they need to efficiently create, document, review and publish care documentation.

Emdat’s documentation experience is second to none.

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