Audiolog™ is a powerful call recording,  evaluation, and  archive solution designed to facilitate compliance,  reduce risk, increase process efficiencies, and enhance customer service.

Architected specifically for contact centers, Audiolog offers highly reliable full-time, on-demand, scheduled, and criteria-driven recording. Rapid access to customer recordings expedites dispute resolution and helps reduce liability and risk. Remote live monitoring and playback let supervisors and managers keep track of contact center activity from their desktop PCs. Flexible storage capabilities allow large volumes of calls to be retained using industry-standard storage technologies. And customizable evaluation forms, powerful interactive assessment tools, and synchronized audio and screens help increase supervisor productivity and enhance agent performance.

Built on thousands of successful implementations, Audiolog helps contact centers optimize quality of service and improve operational effectiveness.

A Comprehensive Recording Solution for Your Contact Center’s Needs
Audiolog is  a powerful interaction recording solution designed to address the  needs of contact centers.  Audiolog features a wide range of recording, archive, and playback options to meet your contact center’s specific needs. Full-time, scheduled, criteria-driven, and on-demand recording let you capture interactions and data from PBX, ACD, Predictive Dialer, and CTI systems.  Recordings can be retained for as long as needed using NAS, RAID, SAN, EMC Centera, Audiolog Centralized Archiving, or Audiolog Virtual Media,™ which enables recordings and related information to be stored using almost any third-party media. And recordings can be rapidly retrieved using the browser-based Audiolog Interaction Review™ software according to such significant criteria as date and time, caller ID, agent, DNIS, or campaign.  With Audiolog, your contact center has the recordings it needs to improve regulatory compliance, manage disputes, and operate more effectively.

Improve Quality, Drive Efficiency, Deliver Satisfaction

Audiolog Interaction Quality™ can help your contact center improve agent performance and enhance customer satisfaction.

With this powerful Quality Monitoring software solution, supervisors can retrieve and play back recordings and screens and evaluate agent performance — on site or remote, all from the desktop. Evaluation forms can be quickly and easily designed to address specific products and programs.

Supervisors can view performance details, summaries, and trends in an array of standard and customizable reports. And they can use this intelligence to identify agent skill gaps and provide targeted coaching, pinpoint and address process inefficiencies, and understand how to deliver a superior customer experience that builds customer loyalty and boosts customer value.

A Powerful, Easy-to-Use Solution for Recording, Evaluation, and Archive

Flexible recording capabilities to address your specific requirements

  • Full-time, on-demand, scheduled, or criteria-driven recording: you
  • determine when to record, the number of calls to record, and the types
  • of calls and/or the groups to record
  • Records digital and analog telephones, VoIP phones, and PC screens,
  • with full PBX/CTI integration
  • Records screens while minimizing network usage and storage
  • requirements and without disrupting agents

Rapidly access recordings to facilitate dispute resolution and risk management

  • Remote live monitoring, retrieval, and playback from the desktop
  • Centrally search for, access, and play back recordings via a Web
  • browser, with advanced query capabilities
  • Search for calls by date, time, duration, channel, agent, caller ID,
  • DNIS, call index number, CTI private data, campaign, and more
  • Superior recording availability with storage options that include  redundant hard drives, automatic archiving to DVD-RAM, and support for NAS,  SAN, RAID, and EMC Centera

Powerful QM capabilities to enhance performance and productivity

  • Intuitive browser-based interface places call selection, playback,
  • evaluation, and scoring functions within easy reach
  • Synchronized audio/screen playback
  • Customizable forms that can be designed in minutes and accessed
  • online
  • Comprehensive text and graphic reports with performance details,
  • summaries, and trends that enable supervisors to view KPIs against
  • set goals
  • Flexible, cost effective,
  • easy to use
  • Open architecture and industry-standard technology for high
  • reliability and lower acquisition and maintenance costs
  • Remote system configuration, management, and scheduling from the
  • Desktop

Reliable, Interoperable, Secure
Built on an open architecture, Audiolog uses standard PC components, the Microsoft Windows platform, and the Microsoft SQL database. This standards-based design promotes superior reliability and availability, costeffective operation, and outstanding performance.

Audiolog is designed for easy interoperability with the contact center technology you already have in place, promoting rapid deployment, troublefree operation, and lower cost of ownership. Audiolog supports industry CTI standards, including TAPI, TSAPI, CSTA, JTAPI, OAI, and others, and is integrated with leading PBX, ACD, VoIP, and Predictive Dialer systems. Audiolog helps you secure recordings from unauthorized access. Each user may be assigned playback and monitoring rights by channel or agent. Audiolog also provides a playback audit trail to help track unauthorized incidents and abuse.
From the Leader in Intelligent Recording

Audiolog is from Verint, a leader in Intelligent Recording solutions across the globe. Verint solutions capture customer interactions and data and deliver this intelligence to the people who need it to enhance operational effectiveness and improve business performance. Verint solutions deliver quality insights across the enterprise, for every department that shapes customer satisfaction and value. They transform the contact center into an enterprise asset.

Why trust your interaction recording to anyone else?