Visual Labs


Body Worn Computers

The proper definition of BWC is Body Worn Computer, not Body Worn Camera. Connected devices are capable of so much more than stand-alone cameras. Visual Labs harnesses the power and simplicity of off-the-shelf smartphones to revolutionize this industry.

Learn more about the paradigm shift that Visual Labs is leading with its smartphone body camera solution.

All-in-One Device

The Visual Labs System can capture videos, photos, and audio recordings all from a single device. Data is securely stored and automatically uploaded to our cloud-based evidence management platform.

Real-time location data gives supervisory personnel positional awareness of users in the field, enabling them to make informed decisions. Detailed analytics and reports enhance operational efficiency.

Clients use off-the-shelf Android smartphones, meaning they are fully functional for phone calls and any other applications that aid your organization.


Automatic Upload

With the Visual Labs System, footage is automatically uploaded from the field. Moments after an incident, it can be viewed by authorized personnel from anywhere in the world.

Since the devices don’t need to be left in docking stations, you can be sure your staff always have their devices when they need them.


Situational Awareness

For critical situations, devices can stream live video and audio to a command center. This equips staff with the intelligence necessary to make informed decisions, and proves invaluable for officer safety.

Due to the connected nature of the device, there is no need to utilize external routers, device pairing, or additional hardware.


Safety for All

Visual Labs currently serves police and sheriff departments, public venue security, private security firms, and others.

With unique features suited to various use cases, we have built a platform that limits liability while ensuring both the safety of our clients and those they serve.