Kaseya Ransomware Attack

Kaseya Ransomware Attack: a Reality Check for State and Local Government and for-profit and nonprofit business

The fallout from the recent ransomware attacks — just weeks after the Colonial Pipeline hack should be a reality check for any firm that has yet to take adequate steps to secure its networks and systems.

Organizations and businesses of all sizes (big or small) should be paying particularly close attention to their cybersecurity exposures. According to SCORE, a nonprofit advisory organization, 71 percent of all cyberattacks occur at organizations with under 100 employees, and stakes are high: three out of five victims of cybercrime fold within six months.

Ransomware, along with other forms of cybercrime, is on the rise. What may change due to the recent spate of attacks, which we hope will change, is that more small- and medium-sized organizations will take note and take stock of how they’ve been securing their systems — and take the critical steps to shore up their defenses. Unfortunately, industry surveys show that many organizations still haven’t invested in cybersecurity or invested enough believing they’re unlikely targets. For hackers, that’s low-hanging fruit, and that vulnerability extends to clients and vendors too.

According to IBM, $2.64 million… the average cost of a data breach to enterprises with up to 500 employees. Moreover, vulnerabilities will continue to persist within the dynamic digital landscape due to our increasingly interconnected world.

This challenges everyone’s ability to protect their critical infrastructure and enterprise operations. The good news is, there are solutions out there that can arm you against even the most sophisticated cyber threats. For example, the LinkGuard solution locks down data streams isolating and containing core data to your operations. LinkGuard also outperforms complex and insecure solutions like firewalls and TLS or IPsec VPNs to protect certain U.S. national security networks operations for over 20 years with no hacks. In addition, the AppGuard solution protects endpoints and services without relying on detection, signature, patching, or other dependencies to prevent breaches from occurring in the first place.

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